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Connections Collection

Featured Work

Featured Work


30″ x 44″

 “Connections” is an exploration of the broad meanings of community, diversity, acceptance, and relationships. Unencumbered by narrower definitions of community, this work expresses my lifelong philosophy that the true global community encompasses the Earth, its life sustaining elements of Air, Water, and all its citizens.

Featured Work


 30″ x 44″

These three pieces are all reflective of the fundamental components of connections. They are developed with graphite, conté, pastel, gouache, charcoal, watercolour pencil, India ink and acrylic on Rives BFK paper, attached to wood panel.


Featured Work


30″ x 44″

Always intrigued by the enigma of the human condition, I am drawn into exploring the myriads of wonderful possibilities inherent in these two words.  Unpredictable and ever changing, humanity provides the visual and thematic thread that connects my creative process and work.

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All for Water

Betty Kovacic

This breath-taking piece has been exhibited at the Two Rivers Gallery in Prince George. It was a part of the All for Water Exhibition. I was invited to create artwork that addressed the future of fresh water.



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Diversity of Life

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And . . . Then There Are . . .

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Too Much of Not Enough

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A Roomful

of Missing Women

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Soul of The City

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Regarding Humanity

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Public Art

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Art Informed by The Past

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♀ + ♂ = ?

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Whispers and Shouts


Gallery Store

Art is meant to be experienced and shared. My gallery store is filled with work that I would be honored to share. Have a look and feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of the pieces.

Betty Kovacic

Meet the Artist

ABCs of Diversity

Latest Work in Progress

Latest Work in Progress

JKL and M

I have been working on JKL and M this week. I’ve made some changes, added some details, and deepened some colours.

Latest Work in Progress

JKL and M Detail

These are details from JKL and M, which is almost complete.

Latest Work in Progress

JKL and M Close Up

The Mexican Melipona Bee, drawn in the circle is essential to the pollination of the vanilla bean plant. It is a stingless bee and very endangered.

Latest Work In Progress

NO and P

This endangered creature is called an okapi or forest giraffe. I use the dark underpainting to depict much of its body. Much of the form is implied by the addition of the stripes and white markings just a few other colours. 



The power of Betty’s art is in the discovery of layer after layer of detailed story telling. I love the energy and esthetics of each piece that we have purchased.

Julia Smith

Creative Director, Daffodil

“Spoke to me right away. Not only did the tones and colors appeal but the mood of the piece drew me in. It seemed a moment in time, a moment of serenity and contentment, of reflecting on paths taken and roads yet to be traveled.”

Anne K and Manny C

Private Collectors

Jurors have said of Betty’s work –

“The integrity and quality of your artwork is outstanding.
… we wish to commend you on your exemplary artwork and continued contribution to the Canadian visual arts.”

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