Regarding Humanity

Air Regarding Humanity Collection


Acrylic on rag board.12″ x 21″


Earth Regarding Humanity


Acrylic on rag board.

12″ x 21″


Water Regarding Humanity Collection


Acrylic on rag board.

12″ x 21″


Politically Incorrect Regarding Humanity Collection

Politically Incorrect

Acrylic, objects, mixed media collaged on rag paper. 

19″ x 37″



Ego and Id Regarding Humanity

Ego and Id

Acrylic and mixed media collage on paper.

20″ x 16″


Rumors Regarding Humanity Collections


Acrylic objects and mixed media on canvas.

30″ x 48″


The Melody of Life Regarding Humanity Collection

The Melody of Life

Acrylic and mixed media on paper.

11″ x 14″


Seeking Identity Regarding Humanity Collection

Seeking Identity

Mixed media, acrylic and objects on unstretched linen – wall hanging.

48″ x 60″


The Land and Dreams Art Informed by the Past Collection

The Land and Dreams

Acrylic collage, historical objects and plants on canvas.

22″ x 28″

Winner of Award of Excellence at Interprovincial Exhibition


Wolf Dreams Regarding Humanity Collection Cover Image

Wolf Dreams

Acrylic and mixed media on paper.

20″ x 16″


Humanity, Life, Imagination, and Creative Freedom, Inform my Art

My interest in the human condition has and continues to inform my art.  The same is true for my creative process.  I approach my art practice from a place of curiosity.  This body of work demonstrates some of the unique processes I often use to create images.  Be it the blotting of wet acrylic paints, collaging on fabric, wrinkled paper, or dry plants, or the use of mixed media, my fearless exploration of mediums contributes to my unmistakably original artistic style.

I find joy and excitement in artistic experimentation where the results are unknown yet often an exciting surprise. As Albert Einstein said.” Creativity is intelligence having fun”. He also said.” … Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited; imagination encircles the world.” Imagination and creative freedom are important aspects of my art as well as my identity.


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